In addition to relieving and correcting aches and pains in the neck, back, arms and legs, I help the whole body function better. Chiropractic adjustments help...


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Your chiropractic treatment will always be safe, gentle and effective.  Dr. Barron is board certified in Massachusetts and has been  practicing since 2002 ...



Private Instruction with Susan Chormann, CYT, RYT

Compliment your chiropractic care with the many proven benefits of yoga.

Taught with deep compassion and knowledge, absolute safety, and a  refreshing lighthearted humor, our expert yoga instructor will lead you through a customized program to support your wellness journey. Her approach is to combine active listening, with appropriate postures and various yoga techniques to develop an individualized practice for people of all ages and abilities.

Susan's goal is to empower individuals with the skills and self awareness to heal themselves. You will gain tools to use daily - on and off the mat - to help create lifelong health in body, mind, and spirit.


Susan's expertise can help you:

Receive and hold your adjustments better

Relieve joint and muscle pain

Manage chronic Illness

Improve posture and balance

Increase flexibility, strength, and energy

Each personalized session includes:

Safe, effective yoga poses to stretch and strengthen your body.

Breath awareness and simple techniques proven to improve health and peace of mind.

Guided relaxation to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and allow for the "settling in" of the benefits to your total being.

By Appointment only:

Please contact Susan by email via or visit her web site to learn more.

About Susan:

Susan has been practicing and studying Yoga since the mid-1990's. She became a certified instructor in 2001 and has been teaching consistently for over 14 years. In addition to her 200 hour certification, she is certified in yoga for pregnancy, yoga for children, and yoga for seniors. Susan has also done extensive advanced training in yoga therapeutics, anatomy, mindfulness, and energy studies.




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