In addition to relieving and correcting aches and pains in the neck, back, arms and legs, I help the whole body function better. Chiropractic adjustments help...


Conveniently located; office hours 4 days a week. With most insurances accepted and payment plans, your experience will be stress-free ... 


Your chiropractic treatment will always be safe, gentle and effective.  Dr. Barron is board certified in Massachusetts and has been  practicing since 2002 ...



About Dr. Seth Barron

Dr. Barron graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2002. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health and Exercise Science from Gettysburg College in 1998. His areas of post graduate studies include: Pediatrics, Maternity Care, Sports, Exercise, Rehabilitation, X-Ray Analysis, Activator Techniques, Advanced chiropractic spinal and extremity techniques, Sacral-Occipital Techniques and Soft tissue diagnosis and treatment techniques.

Dr. Barron spent the first three years of his career treating patients in both sports medicine / rehabilitation and personal injury settings. However, his current practice is focused on family care and bringing optimal health to his patients through natural corrective chiropractic care. His greatest interest is in helping newborns, infants, young children and teenagers be as healthy as possible. In an age of increasing stress and environmental toxins, it is imperative to improve function and health of our bodies.

In his free time, Dr. Barron enjoys biking, skiing, boating, reading about the automotive industry and spending time with his family.


About Deryl Humphrey 

Deryl Humphrey joined us as Office Manager in 2011. As such, she not only handles the front desk activities but is also responsible for the overall smooth management of the office including billing activities, patient statistics and analysis, as well as IT support. Deryl has a superb computer background which has been invaluable to the office infrastructure and in updating our computers and processes.


About Laura Herget 

As our Chiropractic Assistant, Laura manages front desk activities during our morning hours. Her background includes Human Resources and being a stay-at-home mother. After several personal unpleasant experiences in other doctor's offices, when it was time to go back to work, she set out to make some change. She wanted to make others more comfortable in healthcare offices, which led to an interest in the healthcare field. Most recently she worked at Lowell General Hospital before joining our staff in 2015.


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